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Over the last 34 years we have seen bonding companies come and go.

We have seen them charge hidden fees and have people sign unethical contracts that only your attorney could understand. Here are a few tips that can save you valuable time and hard earned money

1. STAY CALM: Finding out a loved one is in jail, or going to jail yourself is very stressful. Your first instinct is to "get out now" no matter what you have to sign or how much it costs. Taking a few minutes to find out all the facts can save you hours and in some cases days of your time and Hundreds of your dollars.

2. CALL Bail Bond Release Center: Bail Bond Release Center has a direct link with the Jail. We are able to see the bail amount of the charge or warrant. This enables us to provide you with accurate information of what it will take to help you or your friend in need. Our staff has the combined experience of over 100 years in helping families, friends and businesses with their bonding needs.

3. DON'T RUSH TO THE JAIL: Rushing to the jail before working out all the details will waste time. In most cases you will need verification of your employment, ID, real estate papers, etc and a solid idea of what you are getting into. *Call Bail Bond Release Center: 1-561-833-4388. We will give you the straight up answers and walk you through the process. Having to make a second trip to your home or office for paperwork can set you back time and money.

4. DON'T WAIT AT THE JAIL: This is mainly for any South Florida County Jail . We fax the bond to the jail and include a number for the inmate to call whomever you choose when they are ready for release. This can save you at least 2 hours but more like 4 to 8 hours or more of waiting.

5. WATCH OUT FOR EXCESSIVE MINIMUM FEES: Most companies only want to do large bonds. They will charge you excessive minimum fees to write small bonds. For example, If there is a $180.00 bondable warrant, you would be charged a minimum fee of $75 to $100. BBRC has a $25.00 minimum fee.

6. NO INTEREST PAYMENT PROGRAM: Unlike most bonding companies, Bail Bond Release Center allows you to make payments, you can pay as little as no money down and make monthly payments as small as $50 to $100 with "no interest" for 12 months. ** Interest adds up fast and can cost you $100's of dollars.


Bail Bond Release Center
328 Banyan Blvd Ste. N West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Fax: 561-833-4388
E-mail: Bail Bond Release Center

This is our Corporate office. Bail Bond Release Center can do bonds anywhere in Florida or the USA that bonds are accepted.

*Please provide us with the full name of the Defendant in custody. The name of the jail, city, county and state may be needed.
If the defendant is not in Florida, providing the telephone number to the jail of sheriff's office is very helpful

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